About this programme

What will happen with your money?

Each donation a teacher receives contributes towards their digital education training journey. For every R125 raised, the teacher will receive a complete training session.

What the training sessions are about

The world of work is changing. Education must change too. And we need teachers to be ready to implement the challenge. The Via Afrika Digital Education Academy offers teachers training to develop the skills and knowledge they need to help their learners better. Via Afrika offers you the opportunity to take action and support a teacher to do a Via Afrika Digital Education Academy training session.

These training sessions are offered in partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the South African Council for Educators (SACE). Every time a teacher successfully completes a two-hour training session, they will receive 5 Professional Development (PD) Points from SACE, For more information about the Via Afrika Digital Education and the sessions it offers, click here.

Here’s how sponsoring a teacher works

Via Afrika has asked teachers to participate in the programme, and we have identified teachers using the following criteria:
1. The teacher already has an Android or Windows tablet or regular access to one.
2. The teacher has received support from the school principal to participate in the programme.
3. The teacher has made a commitment to participate actively in this programme.
4. The teacher has access to a computer and data to participate in a training session.

You can select one (or more) of our teachers to sponsor.  You can read each teacher’s profile here. Each teacher will say which training they would like to receive. You can sponsor all or a part of the cost of a training session.

You can click on the “Support me!” button linked to the teacher you would prefer to sponsor.  The money you donated will be paid to us and we will allocate it to the teacher’s training.

The cost of the training session includes:
1. Participation in the training session
2. A set of comprehensive Class Notes
3. Assessment of the knowledge and skills developed
4. A certificate of achievement from Via Afrika
5. A digital badge to show the world what the teacher has achieved.

On successful completion of the training session, the teacher will be eligible for five Professional Development Points from the South African Council for Educators.

What happens after you sponsor a teacher?

You will be able to keep an eye on how the teacher’s fundraising efforts are going. Once the teacher has raised the full amount needed they will complete the training session.

We will keep you informed each step of the way. You will receive an email from the teacher(s) you sponsored. We will send you confirmation that the teacher(s) has successfully completed the training session.